I had a midday appointment with the Cardio man Dr Levent today, Joan was on the BRS stand with Mike this morning but got away in time to meet me there. Dr Levent is suggesting an angiogram test as he says that something is showing up there but until they investigate further they won't know for sure. Maybe I will need another stent, who knows, until they investigate they can't tell. Obviously there is a price attached to this so Joan and I will have to discuss further and let him know early next week.

Meantime, whilst I was parked up outside the hospital some nice person scraped down the nearside of my car. Just after I had got it back from Tiga trading after their repair. Of course they kindly left me a note under the windscreen !!!!!!!!

September 3rd 4


The Green Light has been given for high rise development along the coast , this is for hotels up to 7 storeys  and according to the newspaper the meeting that announced this was a stormy one with many protestors. The general feeling of many is that some in government are in the pockets of the developers, but how to prove it ?  In Girne there has been a major protest with people marching through the streets with banners and demands for government ministers to come and account for their decisions. Personal feeling, this island once a place of beauty is rapidly going the way of the rest of the Med areas, concrete jungles spoilt by greedy developers.

The leaders have now resumed their peace talks but there is a report of tension simmering on both sides of the island. The major issues now are property, voting rights and a rumour about a cap on Turkish Cypriot citizenship. Mr Akinci, the TC President is still refusing to allow a member of the coalition government to be a member of the negotiating team. Consequently he is being accused of negotiating behind closed doors. So all is not rosey in the world of coming together.

The noise pollution petition has got a massive response. Not really a big surprise because if you live within hearing distance of the thump, thump until 4 am, you would sign anything that might get you a good nights sleep. Can't see any change in legislation taking place before the end of this season, but maybe for next year there will be stricter rules.

Once again four people hurt in a head on smash between a van and an soft top Audi. Anybody want to take bets on the van driver, who veered across the roasd, being on the phone or sending a text. !!!

Police have identified one of the mothers in the illegal abortion scandal that has upset many here. A woman from Karaoglanoglou has been identified via DNA as to being there lady whose 17 week termination took place. Three of the staff of the clinic are facing murder charges, once the full police investigation is completed.

There was another almost riot this week from consumer groups, when the government announced it was ordering 17 new luxury Mercedes cars for the use of ministers. The head of the Peoples Party said this expenditure was totally unjustifiable and only showed the mentality of those who govern the country. I think I would second that motion.


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