Anne was back from the UK yesterday, but only for 1 day to unpack and then repack ready to go off to Hungary with the ATA group this morning. Pat E was going too and so we agreed that the only sensible thing was for the four of us to go to The Blue Song to eat so that they could get an early night.  3 am taxi pick up in the morning just hope that they don't blow any car horns when passing in the morning.

Pat got herself in a bit of a last minute panic, she had misplaced her mobile, turns out she had left it on the back terrace table so by calling it we managed to get her to locate it. Anne had taken delivery of a small handheld portable charging unit for me to her flat in UK and as she is taking her tablet and I-phone with her seemed a good idea for her to test it out for me, prior to our South Africa trip.RAVpowerQuite a number of the people off in the morning for the ATA trip had the same idea, so The Blue Song was well populated, but then the food quality is always good and the prices right. Why do I think I have said that before ?

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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