Nice to be back in familiar surroundings and looking out over the farm land opposite with regular friends.

August 23rd

These two guys are left out overnight now as it is much cooler for them. Mustafa ties the brown one to a tree stump or something and the white one just stays around, not moving very far from his mate all night. It is quite funny to watch, Mustafa comes down in the morning, releases the brown one and leads him by the halter back to the farm area, the white one just trots on behind.

This evening we went into Alsancak to meet up with David Brown, Chairman of BRS, as there was to be a meeting with the government department responsible for planning, to start to set up protests at all the high rise developments that are happening. Well a lady from Girne planning turned up and explained all the problems they were having in getting information from the central government, but the man from the central government office called to say that traffic out of Lefkosa was very bad, sounds like a very lame excuse.

The general feeling is that these plans are just getting passed as somebody is in league with the builders and architects, the old brown envelope syndrome.

Joan and I went to The Blue Song after the so called meeting, a couple of G&Ts and a simple meal seemed appropriate.


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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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