Boy is it hot and humid, told you it was time to start moaning about the heat now and today's newspaper says it is going to remain like this all week. What else is there to report in the Cyprus Today.

"Police Seize Illegal Arms" After a tip off police have seized a considerable quantity of illegal arms being imported through Gazimagusa Free Port. A woman and two men have been arrested over this incident and the haul was seized just as it was about to be loaded onto a ship bound for Mersin in Turkey. The haul was very large and it took investigators 7.5 hours to itemise everything. What is happening on this peaceful island.

A 48 year old British woman is accused of stealing the purse of another customer in Hos-Bes supermarket, which is just down the road from us. The woman and her partner deny all accusations but have appeared before the Girne Court. It is being suggested that 2,000 Euros and 710 TL were missing from the purse. The purse belonged to the owner of a local cafe and she had gone in to buy wines, she turned her back to get some milk and the purse was gone, later found empty in the vegetable section of the supermarket. Our British woman is denying eveything but was found to have the money in her purse. Yep we have them here also.

An appeal has been launched to put an end to noise pollution. There are a number of nightclubs/discos who thump music out until 3 & 4 am, They, according to residents who unfortunately live within the sound of these clubs seem to ignore regulations about noise levels. It is things like this that are making people leave the island just to gain some peace and quiet. Residents say that there are free numbers to call to make complaints when the noise level is excessive, but unfortunately nobody seems to answer these phone lines.....

They are at it again. One death and three head on crashes this week, always the paper reports that the dtriver lost control. Ever wonder why, try this :-

Talks are still ongoing but a leading GC member of parliament has made it quite plain the there can be no solution if the North do not hand over Guzelyurt and scrap Turkey's guarantees. These remarks come just as the two presidents commence a second phase of intensified talks. Mr Akinci, the TC president, states that the issue of security for the TCs and Turkish people on the island is paramount, so the gaurantees and the Turkish army should remain. At the same time as this current GC member of parliament has spoken so has an ex member, the former Greek Cypriot foreign minister. She posted on her Facebook page an apology to the Turkish Cypriots about the August 1974 atrocities. She has called for a truth commision to investigate and correctly states that without truth there can be no real reconciliation. 


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