Woke up to the usual overcast sky and a little drizzle in the dyke at the back of the house, but the forecast for this afternoon is promising so the three of us decided that if the sun shines we wouls walk across to the pub and hire one of their electric boats to show Norman some of the lake from the other side of the street.

The forecast was right and it started to clear up around midday so off we went to hire a boat.

8th August 2016 1

Still a few wispy clouds about but lets not complain, it is dry and Joan has even resorted to sunglasses. This is the rear view of some of the "Woon Arks" as they are called. Large wooden houses sitting atop concrete barge type rafts. Some of these are quite lovely inside and with some you actually sleep underwater. There is in fact a B & B at the top of this row, which we have just passed, who advertise just that. Breakfast on the terrace deck and sleep underwater.

8th August 2016 3


Now this is what I call a nice place to live. Gardens down to the waters edge, your own boat and mooring. Whatever you do, don't ask the price. Joan and I came past here last year and the guy had a fully automatic lawnmower to do his grass !!!

At least I got to do something that I enjoy immensely, steer the boat, but note the need for a wooly pullover.

8th August 2016 4


  Joan had a special treat this evening, Samantha collected her at 7 pm and took her to one of her Zumba classes that she does for the local authority.. Norman and I decided to walk into the village proper and get something to eat. Being Monday most of the regular restaurants were closed but there is a new one in the centre of the town, alongside the water. that was open and we had a super meal in there at a reasonable price. I had a very succulant rack of lamb, not something you see much of in Holland and we both fell inlove with a gorgeous blonde waitress called Linda. The food was so good, we decided that we would bring Joan here tomorrow evening as it is Norman's last night in Holland, we also decided to include Arie for running up and down to Shcipol airport.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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