It rained all morning again, seems to be a standard here in Holland, but luckily it cleared up around lunchtime and would you believe the sun started to shine. We had agreed to walk over to Arie's place for a few drinks and some lessons from him on how best to uplaod pics on this site. Take a look at the Photo tab and you will see the difference.

Joan and I met A-Jay, a son born to his daughter Samantha and her partner Tim just 8.5 months ago. They had walked across from their house to sit in Arie's garden and join us there. 

ABF 7254


Joan is looking as if she thinks, "what have I got here" obviously we have never been used to having much to do with babies, but are concious of the fact that we can always give them back.

It was nice to meet up with Samantha and her family again and my lessons with Arie seem to have paid off. the three of us stayed with Arie and ordered a delivered Chinese for the evening meal. Norman saying, "don't drop him Frank". It's OK for him he has grandchildren and is used to the baby handling thing.

ABF 7263

We walked back home at around 9 pm as we believed that little Stitch would be sitting around with his legs crossed.


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