Joan went off to her Ball Class and Aqua Aerobics at the Habana Bar this morning, I am still sticking to me 3 x weekly visit to the gym at the Rose Garden Hotel. I always enjoyed the Aqua Aerobics but feel that 40 minutes on a treadmill is doing me far more good and fortunately the Cardiologist agress with me.

This evening, for even more exercise and because it had cooled down a bit, we "walked" down to the Wild Duck bar/restaurant for dinner. It is very enjoyable, home cooked food there at very reasonable prices. Some of these family run restaurants are the best.

Oh yes, forgt to mention us coming home a couple of weeks ago to find this large guy clinging to our bedroom ceiling.

16th June 2016

They are quite large and may possibly bite in the night, but I was not taking any chances, a large piece of kitchen paper and a size 10 slipper fixed him. I had put this picture on facebook only to have one friend come back and say "Give him his own room" and another to say "he only has 7 legs, so must be (h)armless". Comedians one and all. 

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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