Still we have temeratures of 35+ and the humidity to go with it, not very pleasant but we did opt to come to a warm country and the forecast for next week in today's newspaper is for it to cool down a few degrees. Unfortunately by next weekend it is due to be back at 39 degrees again. Anyway 4 weeks today, Joan and I will be leaving for a visit to Holland which probably means lots of rain. 

Speaking of the newspaper, suppose it is time to see what they have to say about Brexit etc. According to Cyprus Today the referendum result will open a "pandora's Box" with far reaching implications for UK nationals on bth sides of the border. One major implication for us is of course the exchange rate, the rate dropped from 4.20 to 3.99 almost overnight, which means the pensions paid in sterling have dropped in value. Personally I think we will have to ride out the syorm because results like this are going to cause major panics, lots of untruths being told and much about people knowing nothing but expressing their opinions.

Big protest in the centre of Girne last Wednesday. The mini bus drivers blocked main streets in protest against new rules that are being introduced. Girne is producing a traffic master plan which will introduce one way streets, proper bus stops and many other new regulations. The "Dolmus" operators are up in arms because it might upset their business methods.

Directors of the Eykaf religious foundation are weighing up plans for a $100 million hotel development on their land at Escape Beach. There is of course fierce local opposition and they have had a warning that the government would oppose te plan.  Environmentalist are of course jumping up and down in rage and most people say there is no need for more large hotels.

An interesting article that stems from a meeting that the Foreign Minister has had with his Turkish counterpart. He is saying that the Greek Cypriots will negaitiate peace in Cyprus for another 500 years if they are allowed to but will always deny the identity and soveriegnty of the Turkish Cypriots. He claims that Turkish Cypriots want a solution to the "Cyprus Problem" but there was not even an agreement between them and the Greek Cypriots as to what the problem was. The two sides have been negotiating for 50 years, with every issue negotiated over and over again. Why have they not found a solution, because both sides are trying to solve different problems.

I did buy an English newspaper today because yesterday's result was bound to create quite a stir. It sure did and will continue for some time to come. Opinion, my personal one, we are right to come out, maybe we will start a domino effect that will destroy the current EU structure and we can go back to sensible trading, but then who am I to pass an opinion, I wasn't Eton educated !1


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