It is so hot here that everybody wants to sit by an open window, but unfortunately some of us get the mickey taken, especially when there is a fly screen preventing me from getting at that tasty looking sparrow.23rd June 2016


First thing this morning, before any breakfast, I had to go down town a give the vampire in the lab a whole armfull of blood. The results will be ready for when I go back down to see the cardio man later this afternoon. Incidentaly, about 6 months ago, Joan and I went to a jazz evening at the Veni Vici restaurant and this self same Dr Levent was the man on the keyboards, a brilliant pianist and a lover of modern jazz.

Joan drove me downtown this afternoon as she is looking for really light weight summer dresses so my apointment gave her an excuse to do some searching in the shops. I meantime was pounding a treadmill on a stress test which revealed that there might be some sort of flutter in the old ticker so maybe in the near future I will ned to go in for an angigram test so that he can get a proper look. Hopefully he finds some sort of solution, because feeling quite knackered most of the time is depressing. 

Joan and I went to The Cabin restaurant this evening for our regular Tuesday evening out together. These days it is really nice sitting out on their terrace listening to the sea over the beach and enjoying a nice meal.


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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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