Saturday again so time to buy the weekly newspaper. Joan and I went down to the Lambousa market leaving Norman with his i-pad and the internet. We only needed a couple of bits at the market and I wanted to search through the book stalls for something new to read. Two of the book stalls on the market work a system where you can take back the ones you have read and get an exchange value, for example 4 books returned gets you 2 free and the rest you buy at 5 TL each, a good system really as we are beginning to get returning swallows who bring new books back with them and exchange when read.

Apart from that we just bought some fresh strawberries and some sausage rolls from Ruth for the three of us to have for lunch.

There are still property issues rearing there ugly heads over here. An English couple who bought a Turkish Title deed property in Lapta which showed a right of way on their title deeds, but shared with a neighbour, who just happens to be a London Turkish Cypriot, came home to find hlf the entrance way blocked by water filled barrels. Apparantly this neighbour commisioned a GPS boundary check and he is now planning a wall and electronic gates, for which he has obtained planning permission. He says he offered a solution to the couple in 2012 which involved buying an adjoining piece of land for £50,000 to give joint access but they did not want to do that. The authorities are not prepared to intervene as they say the man has every right to erect his wall on the land which proves to be his. Sad that these sort of issues can't be resolved more easily, but suppose we don't know the whole story.

At last ! They say that Turkish water will be punped out to users taps by July 1st. This means that all the pipework, which has blighted our roads for months, must be completed. What has not yet been agreed is the cost to the consumers. Watch this space for further news about costs etc.

The main District office in Girne has lodged six legal complaints about building work which is being done without planning permission. Three of these building works involve the Mayor of Alsancak. Interesting political manouvres me thinks, as the Mayor is from a different party to the party currently in government. Oh well nothing much changes here.

TRNC roads pose a "huge safety risk" says the headline on PAGE 14. Thought that should have been front page news, although it is something we are all well aware of. The paper claims that many roads have so many potholes that they resemble a war zone. There are 176,000 vehicles registered in TRNC paying around 65 million TL in road tax, but the roads don't improve. The chairman of one of the political parties is claining that the government and municipalities are not setting asside money for roadworks.

OK, which way are you going to vote. Reports suggest that the "In" vote is in the lead, my personal opinion and it is only my opinion, lets get out and run our own country and be responsible for our own affairs. Having spoken to many friends in Holland,in France and in Spain, they say please give us the same referendum chance, we want out.


 May 27th 3

       Joan found a friend at "The Silver Rocks" restaurant and he says he wants out as well, he even looks a bit like Boris.

This evening the three of us went down to the "Silver Rocks", which in the days when Norman lived here with his wife Margaret, was one of their favourite places to eat. A sort of touch of nostalgia for Norman.

May 27th 1


                                       Oh we do like to be beside the seaside, especially when good food and drink is available.


This place has a lot going for it, you can laze around their pool on the terrace, sit around the circular bar, eat good quality food ate very good prices or just lie on the sun terrace and hop down the steps into the Med when you need to cool off.

May 27th 2

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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