Joan and I spent the last two days cleaning the house, weeding the garden etc, ready for our trip to UK starting today and on the way to Larnaca airport we of course bought a Cyprus Today so that we can read it on the flight and use it to give you some little detail of what is currently happening in TRNC.

Big news is the occasions of domestic violence occuring in TRNC. Women are definitely subservient here and most of the expats are sure that they would not want to end up in that sort of relationship and this confounded by reports of two murders which have taken place over the last week.In the first a woman had come over from Turkey followed by her husband one day later and when he caught up with her, he stabbed her ten times and poured petrol on her face.This murder took place two days after another marital argument caused a husband to stab his wife six times in the kneck and chest beore stabbing himself in an apparant suicide attempt.All this has prompted activists to call for a change in the law to protect women in the the homes.

The south have done it again. Thirteen Serbian children arrived in Larnaca to attend a National Sovereignty and Childrens Day Celebration in TRNC.  Greek Cypriot immigration officials prevented them from even leaving the airport. 24 hours later they where flown home together with their attending teachers. Greek officials deny that they were deported, claiming that they went home of their own choice. This is a country that claims it wants peace and reconciliation with the north.

In another instance a TC and his wife were attacked in their car near the border. It seems that the attackers were later aprehended but there is no report of what action is being taken against them.

Kib-Tek, the electricity authority, has issued the government with a deadline to pay up all bad debts or the alternative will be price rises. Kib-Tek claims that it's outstanding debts amount to a total of 642 million TL. The total debt from the state amounts to 300 million and personal debts are the remainder. The personal debts include hotels and other businesses and mosques, one have to wonder why there is no action taken on chasing bad debts, you can bet your bottom dollar that if an expat had not paid they would be cut off.

We arrived at Larnaca via the long term car park in plenty of time for our Blue Air flight to London/Luton, even had time for a mug of expensive airport coffee. The flight was more or less on time in Luton and Roger and Gill met us at the pick up point and drove us to their new home in Ilkeston. After we settled in we all enjoyed a beef casserole and a couple of beers. Joan and I crashed out in a comfy bed, as it had been a long day.


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