Collected my car from the body shop this afternoon, the repair completed after my coming together with the taxi in Girne last week. They made a good job of it and of course I got the original rear bumper damage, done over in a Greek Cypriot car park sorted at the same time.

This evening Anne Lloyd took Joan and I out for dinner as a thank you for sorting out her smelly freezer problem when she was last away in UK. She collected Shiela on the way past so that we could all four think about our planning for Vietnam and Cambodia next year.

We went to the Merit Royale and finished up in their kebab restaurant. It was lovely food with some very tender lamb which was a delight to eat. Before we went there, Joan collected her flower display that she had ordered for one of the church window sills, part of the Easter displays tomorrow.

The Cyprus talks restarted last Tuesday and already are heading for a crisis, this time over gas exploitaation plans in the \Mediteranean, It seems tthat the Greek Cypriots have stated that they have a firm start date for drilling of 1st July this despite the earlier agrement that as the island is jointly owned the peace talks should be completed before either side commences drilling. Just another indication of the Greek Cypriot claim that the island belongs to them in it's entirety.

They have done it again. Girne have decided to upgrade the sewerage system on Girne's old harbour. When did they start the easter holiday season of course and flooded the harbour area so that tourists had to flee through mud and water. A  lot of thinking went into that obviously.

A driver of a heavy goods vehicle who caused the accident on the mountain road last November, has been sentenced to 7 years in prison, the maximum under current legislation. It seems that he had been driving for 16 hours the previous day and claimed that excess hours where partly to blame, but this excuse was not considered when the verdict was announced.

Another example of the driving standards in this country. A 19 year old, crashed twice on the same road in a period of four days, speed is clearly issue here again. Seven other serious accidents where reported in the same week.


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