Monday is my morning for the gym, but when I got up this morning our cat Bono was lying in his bed and sort of crying for help. So that caused both of us to get out quickly, get dressed and take him down to the vets at 8.30 opening time. He was struggling to walk, particularily on his right paw and covered in mud or something. Maybe he had been over on the building site and fallen, who knows. But anyway Fuat checked him over carefully, even gave his right leg and paw an x-ray to be sure. Thankfully there does not seem to be any major problem so three injections later we took him back home and he spent most of the day in his bed., it seems that he also had a high temperature, but Fuat reckons that was due to some sort of shock and he will be fine in no time at all, cats are quite resiliant and recover quickly.

This incident reminded me of a clip that somebody sent me some time ago, which is now shown below.

WE is friends

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