Lets take a further look at yesterdays newspaper. That pensioners body has now been released as the hospital bill has been paid. Let this sort of thing be a warning to you all, if you come over here even just for a holiday, do not do it without adequate insurance or sufficient funds to pay any medical bills, this is not an NHS style country, you do not get free help.

Another crazy scheme has been announced, a cable car link from the the Karaoglanaglu beach area up to St Hilarion Castle. The cable car should hold 6/8 seated passengers and should be able to carry hundreds of people per hour. Sounds a bit like a ski lift type thing to me but would think we need to start getting tourists in numbers over here again to make this viable. Interesting, but I am not holding my breath.

The Government has been forced into a U-turn over new working hours proposed new Civil Service working hours. The proposal was to make workers finish at 5 pm instead of the current 3.30 pm. Unions forced the Government to back down saying that extended working hours would not improve efficiency. Me thinks that actually working would be the best way to improve efficiency!!

There are numerous reports over the previous weeks about TRNC visitors and their vehicles being attacked in the South, but critisism over the fact that nothing is ever done qabout it despite reports to the police. Well finally two have been arrested after they attacked a TC cab driver near the border one day. At this time they are held in custody but no report yet as to any punishment awarded.

As if there was not enough trouble in the world. I have just read that good old, very rich, Tony Blair wants to force a new referendum on Brexit as he says the people were not told all the facts. I thought that most people have heard enough from this lying b******d over the years.


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