We drove over to the KAR offices on the far side of Girne this afternoon. There is so much going on with pipe laying etc over there in Girne and building sites evey place you look that traffic is at chaos state, so it took us more than 1.5 hours to get over there, crazy stuff, must remember to avoid Girne at rush hour. We only went over there to take Barbara Smith's cat's passport which they need before they can ship her across to UK. Whilst we were there, her blood test results came through, all OK so now little Daisy is free to travel, but that will not happen before mid April as KAR have their books full with animals travelling before then and they can only get a certain number of animals on each flight and then only with Turkish Airlines. Also they seem to have lots of dogs going back over and they can't mix dogs and cats on the same flights.

When we came back from France, we had bought a special flight box for our Smudge and had agreed to let Barbara have it for Daisy, so we delivered that to Kim at KAR so that she can prepare it in advance.

On our way back we stopped off at Hur Deniz and bought some coated chicken wings for dinner, very tasty butter fried and just swerved up with an eggy lettuce salad.

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