Joan went up to the Black Olive today as Karen is running all day exercise classes, raising money for tulips. This is the first session that Joan has done since she had the back problems, but when she came back she said she feel OK, so guess she will be stating back again soon.

This evening the two of us went out for our traditional Tuesday evening together and resorted to the Blue Song as it is one of the few places open along the Lapta strip. At least they had their wood burner going well so it was nice and warm in the front corner of the restaurant. We kept it simple tonight, Joan had a prawn dish done in a clay pot whilst I had a mixed seafood pasta. The food there remains good quality and at a great price, but it will be nice when we get passed the beginning of March and more places open up.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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