Interesting news today. Lapta woman to stand trial after her edog attacks an elderly expat. It seems as if this particular dog is quite vicious and despite being on a lead, it's owner was unable to control it. So now the police are involved and the woman is to appear in courtnext month. The owners said "she doen't care and the dog just doesn't like people", strange thing to say.

There is a major scheme to widen two of the main traffic arteries in Lefkosa and we have actually seen that work has commenced. At the main roundabout as you approach Lefkosa, coming over the mountain, they are cutting run offs for left turn vehicles. Hopefully this will ease congestion on this junction, especially at peak times.

The new Elextra hotel in Catalkoy has recently opened and have just been fined for pumping sewage in to the sea. This hotel is massive and we heard can hold 1,700 guests in total, a number that I cannot actually confirm. The hotel is built on the hill overlooking the old Lara Beach, one that we used to use regularily in our early days here, but guess we would now have to pay heavily to use it and the facilities. Shame that the island is being spoilt in this way, but I suppose some would call it progress, maybe I am just getting too old as I liked things the way they where.

Another school mini bus has overturned this last week.Seven students were injured when this happened on Wednesday afternoon and police are suggesting carelessness on behalf of the driver. One would think that after the recent fatal crash in a school bus that drivers with this responsibility would be more aware. Not in the TRNC of course, that requires proper traing and the use of some intelligence.

Finally somebody sees the obvious. The Greek Prime Minister, who attended the recent summit in Switzerland, said today "it can be clearly seen that there is no basis for a solution to the Cyprus problem" In particular he refers to the 1960 agreements that made Turkey, Britain and Greece guarantors of the Cyprus republic. He declared these have to be abolished and Turkish occupying troops must leave the island. As counter to this Turkey is saying that it will never abandom its guarantees under trhese conditions. I would call that stale mate.

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