Joan and I were just a bit earlier at church this morning, because we are on "poison duty" after this mornings service. In other words we are on tea & coffee duty. When this duty comes up we need to get there a little earlier to fill up kettles, get out coffee mugs etc so that we don't have people yelling for tea and coffee when we are not ready. It wasn't very busy this morning, people still recovering from the New Year festivities and a nasty dose of bronchitus which is doing the rounds at the moment.

This meant that we were able to join a large gang round at George's Cafe in the main square. It is still cold so Joan and I plumbed for hot chocolate and just one glass of local brandy between us to liven it up a little. Very warming.

On our way home we stopped off at "Hur Denize" a local shop and got two fillets of Pangus, a tasty imported fish which we coated in flour, pepper and salt, fried in butter and served up on a bed of fresh spinach bought on the Lapta Market yesterday. 

A look at the Cyprus Today yesterday tells us that there is an energy price hike shock. It seems that Kibtek, the Elctric Supplier here is to increase it's price by as much as 25%. They blame rising fuel costsand the fall in the value of the TL against the $. What nobody seems to take in to consideration is the fact that Kibtek is owed 600 million TL in unpaid bills and much of this is from Government departments and Local Authorities. I understand from previous articles reported that some of the big 5* hotels also owe millions. I would have thought that it would be in the interest of Kibtek to employ people to enforce the payment of bad debts. 

It now has been declared that President Akinci is flying out to Switzerland tomorrow for the planned crucial summit meeting with the Greek Cypriots. He will be joined out there by delegates from Turkey, Greece, UK and the heads of their respective sides main political parties. I understand that from the UK that Boris has been offered up for the meeting, never did think that Theresa May would find it important enough to attend. We will hear about the outcome but still can't see anything coming out of this meeting.

Xmas flood waters ravage the north coast says the paper. This is because not only have we had masses and masses of rainfall but very high winds as well. The combination has caused considerable damage. As always there are now going to be talks about all this just as every year when we get coastal damage, but then the sun comes out and the problem seems to go away again. If something is not done then we will lose our lovely Girne harbour and with it all the tourism opportunities from this venue. I have said it before and will say it again, the TRNC government goes around with it's head stuck up someplace unsavoury, but never does anything concrete about these problems. I know that money is a problem but surely they need to go with the begging bowl to Turkey who are forever saying they will never desert this island.

Anonymous lottery winner becomes TRNC's new millionaire. Every year Joan and I buy lottery tickets for the New Year's Eve draw, but now I know that if the winner was anonymous then it wasn't us. Hey-Ho, you have to be in it to win it.


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