Recovered from Xmas day by staying in bed with hot coffee and a good book until 10.30 then had a substantial brunch. Christmas is of course a non event for the locals so it was no surprise to find them working on the building site this morning. Unfortunately this site is now virtually waterlogged so they can only deliver bricks etc with a small truck and then need Mustafa and his tractor to tow them out onto the road.

December 26th


It is cold and wet out there for the three guys doing the brick laying, I can only assume that they are used to it. Whatever the villa is slowly coming on and once they are done, probably sometime in the spring, then they will no longer use our road.

This evening we picked Sandy up and went to the Seapoint reataurant, mainly because they have a lovely big wood burner right in the middle of the seating area. The food is good anyway and not a stupid price.

Oops, we also discovered something else today, Joan was going through her car papers and discovered that she had forgotten to get her new road tax. Luckily she has not been stopped in a roadside check, something which happened to me a few weeks ago. Guess she will have to go down to the tax office in Girne tomorrow and hope that she does not get too heavily fined for not paying on time.

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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