Last night, after the visit to the clinic, we dived into the Pizza Place and took a big half & half home to sit in front of our fire and enjoy. The gang had gone off to a local village restaurant, but we were so late after the clinic visit that we couldn't join them,

Big gap in news this week because all we have been doing is going up and down to the Lapta Clinic, morning and evening. Joan is still suffering from this stabbing back pain so the plan from the doctor was to have injections twice a day but only after they had taken blood pressure measurements. This has proved to be a major problem as her blood prssure in the morning has been OK but every evening has been so high that the nurse has refused to give the injections.

This Lapta clinic is a super service, manned mainly by 112 personel, but with a resident doctor every morning for those that need her. The locals use the service extensively instead of having to travel up and down to Girne.

Because of the way that Joan's blood pressure has been fluctuating we decided to go down and see the specialist at Kyrenia Medical Centre, who prescribed the injections; and he confirmed that one of the injections may have been the cause, so now for the next couple of days it is morning only, so that will see us through the weekend and Joan is saying that the pain is easing, so maybe it will all be OK soon.

Saturday is of course newspaper day so lets take a look at what the lovely Cyprus Today is saying to us.

"Riot Police called in after protesters clash with the police outside Prime Ministry. Also Unions plan new all-day strikes. All this is in protest at the government over last weeks serious accident on the Five Fingers Mountain road. The trade unions have given the government a deadline for ministerial resignations, new road safety measures and a change to the clocks to winter time. Can't see the point in the minister for transport resigning after only 6 months in office, he can hardly be blamed, but that is the demand. There were angry protests outside the ministry off ices this last week, in which seven protesters and police officers were injured. These protests will go on for some considerable time yet but will not change the driving habits of this country. Education and more effective policing might help, but only over the longer term.

A new "State-of-the Art" eye clinic has opened in Girne. This is in our favourite Kyrenia Medical Centre and is a first for this area. More and more facilities are being opened in the North these days, it is good to know but will of course remain at a cost, offset of course by instant treatment. 

There is talk of a new round of talks taking place in Switzerland in the near future, probably next month and Erdogan from Turkey will attend together with the other gauatantor countries. The suggestion in the paper is that Theresa May might also attend. Clearly they are not giving up yet, but I still can't see the Greek side changing their demands and their stance about land reclaimed and the Turkish Army off the island.

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