There is a huge uproar and strikes planned over the next few weeks and demands for the government to resign. Why, there was a very nasty accident on the mountain road, called Five Fingers, on Tuesday. Apparently, a cement lorry being driven by a 25 year old Turkish driver, was overtaking and smashed head on into a school bus killing the driver and two teenage school children instantly. The report says that the lorry dragged the school bus for 26 meters before hitting crash barriers, so there must have been some considerable speed involved. Others are in intensive care, including the wife of the school bus driver.

The uproar is over the total lack of control over HGV vehicles and their drivers. It seems that this particuler driver overturned a cement lorry back in July and escaped with only minor injuries, boasting about it on social media. The firm who employed him where fined in August because he had no work permit.

This mountain road is used by many but is very dangerous because its condition is bad, the road serface is covered in potholes and is heavily used by HGVs from the quarries etc and by many crazy taxi drivrs traveling to and from Ercan airport. We use it ourselves but with extreme caution, because we have met with oncoming vehicles on our side of the road making stupid overtaking moves. 

The call for the current Transport Minister to resign is a load of nonsense, he has only been in post for six months and it now is revealed that the green light was given back in 2014 to make the road a dual carriageway, this was to be funded by Ankara, but true to form nothing has ever happened even in planning. We have probably had at least three different governments in power during this time, none of which have any qualifications to be in office. Somebody once said to me, government ministers where herding goats only 20 years ago, so how can they now exercise control over a country.

Whatever is said, this was a horrendous accident which should never have happened and lets only hope that as a result this road is rapidly improved and driving bans are introduced for people who cause accidents of this type. Maybe long jail sentances should be introduced for these sort of drivers and also for those using mobile phones whilst driving. We have said for a long time that driving standards and driving education here are way below any European norm, but it would need a strong government minister to shake things up and to introduce some standards that people could respect, we would also need a much bigger and more effective police force to implement any changes.

On a totally different note, we finally had some rain on Wednesday and Thursday, but really 6 months worth of rain over two days seemed completely over the top. There are reports of major road damage, flooding of houses etc, all standard reports when we have excessive rainfall. Rivers and ravines are cluttered with rubbish, much of it from building rubble and never cleaned out so these sort of reports are the norm. One of the worst places is always Lefkosa Industrial Estate, but if you see the amount of rubbish just thrown out by those who work here it is not surpising.

Oh dear, Boris has been here on the island and saying that the UK is "rock solid" behind a comprehensive Cyprus solution. It seems that Boris arrived on Tuesday and left on Thursday and in that time he spent "1 hour" with our president. He also met up with the Greek Cypriot leader and the UN Special Envoy. How much do we really believe he understands about the issues here !!!!!!!

It appears that the two leaders have been talking again and agreed to meet again in early January and to a 5 party conference involving the island's guarantee powers. But they still have to present maps and agree on territory boundries before this can happen. What chance of an acceptable territory adjustment taking place ?

Back on the health issue for Joan, we were back at the hospital this morning so that Joan could have a CT scan to check her kidneys, maybe they think she has kidney stones, but once again no real issues have come to light so she has been given heat pads for her back and an instruction to come back after the weekend if no improvement.



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