Very busy day ahead of us today. Joan and I are on Sides Duty at church this morning and it is a morning service with Bishop Michael attending and he is also going to officially open the Xmas Fair afterwards. Sides duties involves us in preparing the church for the service with hymn books, weekly service sheets etc and ensuring that any late comers are seated as quietly as possible and at appropriate times. Today as a small extra, I was asked to do a reading about the lighting of the Advent Candles. As soon as the Euchurist Service was over it was sort of all hands to the pump to clear the church of most of the chairs ready to put in tables for those people who had agreed to bring their wares for our fair. 

Downstairs in the Church Hall there were more tables and outside in front of the church we had allocated tables for people selling food and a section of plants etc. We together with many other helpers had 2 hours to get ready for the official opening by Bishop Michael. In his opening speech he made emphasis on the fact that St Andrew's Kyrenia was very much a success story now and as head of the Diocese this obviously pleased him well.

November 27th 1

November 27th 2


I think Rev Wendy was trying to encourage everybody to go off and "spend spend". Clearly she was very succesful in doing this because the first indication is that we managed to gather in, in excess of 4,000 TL for the church. Joan had a role for the day of collecting stall fees from the non church manned stalls, mine was in the hall kitchen area making tea and coffee. We finally packed up at around 5 pm and all of us involved felt that we had done enough.


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On the way home, after feeding the two very hungry cats, Joan and I met up with Anne, who had been running the Hot Dog stand, at The Blue Song because we needed a drink and something to eat. All in all a very busy and tiring day but a happy one for all involved.

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