We took two cars down to the Cabin market this morning as Joan needed to go on down to Girne to sort out her phone registration again and I needed to be at home for the dishwasher repair man to come. This business of phone registration is important for you all, especially if you bought your phone in UK, probably because of cost. Joan is for example using my old Apple, I think a series 4 and has been using it for the last three years.

The government Telecom people, in their wisdom have suddenly decided that all mobile phones have to be registered in their system. Now this is fine for all those phone retailers who import them and register them at that time, so no problems if you buy your phone here. If you reside here and use the mobile phone system, which is probably almost everybody and you have a local SIM card, then like Joan you will probably find a message on your phone that says "No Service". If this happens then you technically have to go to a government office in Lefkosa, pay 50 TL and register your phone. In Joan's case she was able to say to her service provider that she had been using that for for a number of years with the same mobile number. At their offices they reloaded her phone and said OK it is registered, but be aware, that happened last month as well so she is hoping that it is not a recuring thing. It is, we believe, a government department that is involved in switching off the service, so our service provider has no control over if and when it happens. Maybe in frustration, we will have to go over to Lefkosa and pay the 50 TL. Watch this space but in the meantime be aware if you are planning to buy a new phone overseas.

Whilst Joan was sorting this out the repair guys called me and I met them to guide them to our home. About 30 minutes and 70 TL later they left with the repair completed. They said we have left the machine running empty to give it an additional cleaning. When I went into the kitchen about 30 minutes later the floor was flooded. I called the shop again, but got engaged tones so decided as I needed to go and collected our 12 free range eggs, to call in to them. The boss seemed quite surprised but said they would be with me in about 10 minutes, just time for me to get home. True to their word they turned up and sarted taking the macine out again and mopping the floor for me. It turned out that the hose at the back of the machine, where the waste water goes out, had a split in it probably as a result of moving the macine in and out and the pipe rubbing against the hole in the cupboard where the pipe went through to connect to our kitchen waste. OK so they replaced the pipe and left, NO charge. How about that for service.

Haing told you all this uninteresting stuff lets take a look at this weeks newspaper.

The peace talks taking place in Switzerland have ended in deadlock, not really a big surprise. I have said since they begun 18 months ago that the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots could never reach an agreement. The main causes of the problem have not changed, the issues of property, geographic mapping of the island, rotating presidency and the removal of all Turkish Army personel can never be agreed. For example the Greek Cypriot side are still saying that property owned by Greek Cypriots 42 years ago, still belongs to the same people, the South want Guzelyurt back on their territorial map and now we hear that Boris Johnson is to come over and put his penneth into the argument. It is my bet that he does not have the slightest clue about the real truth of the situation here, so how can he influence it. The British were asked to intervene 40+ years ago as part of their position as guarantors on the island, they refused then so why get involved now? The other problem which now arises is the recent statement that Turkey's membership talks with the EU have been suspended, how can they allow the Turkish North and the Greek South of this island to operate as one, when they would automatically become part of the EU.

At the same time as some are saying the talks must go on and the leaders find a solution, a TRNC taxi driver was attacked on his way back from Larnaca airport by Greek youths on motorbikes. The driver said that in the 12 years he has been crossing over he has had his vehicle damaged on many occasions and the incidence of TRNC registered vehicles being damaged is on the increase, especially for taxis. Formal complaints are always lodged with the police in the South, but big surprise, no one is ever caught.

Right from school age Greek Cypriot children are taught that they own the island of Cyprus, they are the sole masters and they are the victims on this island. So long as this attitude is taught and upheld then there will be no chance of an agreement on power sharing. The Annan plan referendum result, where the Turkish citizens said "yes" and the Greek citizens said "no", would only be repeated if there was a referendum now. If this should happen then maybe the rest of the world would finally recognise the TRNC in its own right.

More reports of accidents again this week, some indicated that speed was to blame or in two instances booze was the culprit. There is no such thing as a breathalyzer test here but if they smell drink on your breath then you lose your licence.



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