Last night, we as a gang of eight went to the Silver Rocks restaurant for our weekly night out. The original choice was going to be The Green Palace but then when we found out that Silver Rocks were closing this week for the winter and a kitchen refit, hence the choice.

Cyprus Today are saying in their headlines that airlines are clamouring for TRNC flights. This of course means the use of our Ercan Airport, so what is that saying about the so called bringing together the North with the South? According to the paper there are four airlines trying to get slots in Ercan, no news yet about where they would be flying to but it could make for cheaper prices if competition prevails. They also say that the current number of airlines using Ercan is insufficient to cope with the number of passengers, if this is true then we will never get cheaper pricing.

Another funny in todays paper. Efficiency Drive, Government office hours may alter. Surely they don't think that by altering the hours worked this is going to make civil service employees work any harder. Have always said that MPs here are a bunch of comedians

There is an interesting picture on the front page of Antiquities experts digging up 2 dozen clay pots which are believed to be 4,000 years old. This is of course Bronze Age and have been found because a burial chamber partially collapsed and was found by one of the hunters out on Sunday last. The Antiquities Dept are trying to get these pots out now as otherwise illegal diggers will descend on the site for this treasure. There is some thought that the collapse has been caused by illegal digging so it is essential that a thorough investigation takes place now. Already the official guys have discovered a second tomb and some skeletal remains and a stone gate. 

Yet more early morning crashes on the Lefkosa/ Guzelyurt road. Young drivers in every case who have lost control and gone across to the other carriageway. Luckily in both case there was nothing coming on the other side. I suppose that young people the world over think that speed is the only way and a few serious accidents doesn't change things, but over here it really is a problem and very often they are uninsured so if one hits you there could be real problems. There have been more police recruited recently and I came across two document checks this last week, both times there were young female traffic police present with a more senior person controlling the whole thing. Clearly a learning thing, the first time there was an English lady in front of me with a police person busily writing a ticket for something. So many of our compatriots here think that they don't need to get local licences just as they don't need to register here until eventually they get pulled over. Strange attitude as if you come to live in another country why should you not conform to their regulations.

Another private hospital has officially opened in Girne. This one is also backed by the same group as the Near East Hospital. It is great that we are getting more hospitals here but unfortunately they are still very expensive and do not appear to be able to entice more quality doctors and nurses to he island.

In Switzerland the two presidents and there cronies are still talking and trying to find a common ground to property issues, designing a new map of the island that decides who gets control of what and also the situation around guarantors, in particular our presidents insistance that the Turkish army remains here. They are unable to reach agreement and it is getting closer and closer to the end of 2016.

A very scary headline in the overseas section of the paper. " Erdogan could stay in power until 2029". He is constantly expanding his executive powers and is planning a new referendum next spring which will give him even more power and he believes eliminate the sort of coalition government which hampers him at the moment.

Anyway all this negative stuff is of no real consequence to us who have no voting rights and are unable to influence things at all. What matters to us is the fact that it might be winter here but the temperature still remains at 25 degrees during the day, but goes cold when the sun goes down, but we are still OK with summer weight duvets at night. 


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