Joan and I have Tea & Coffee duty at church today, so needed to get there a bit early to fill the hot water urn and get everything out in preparation. It is important that we are organised today because there is an Emergency Council Meeting after todays service. The meeting is only to approve the 2015 accounts that had not been audited in time for the Annual meeting in April last. The reason for the long delay in getting this meeting to approve was as a result of the Archdeacon at the Diocese wanting an internal audit doing, which took too much time. Anyway all is now approved and the accounts can be put into the next set of minutes.

After the meeting, a number of us went off to The George, had a drink there and then four of us decided to give the new Cabin Sunday Lunch special a try. Very tasty prawn cocktail starter, roast beef, roast potatoes and a carrot and pea veg mix as main course. The beef was really very tender and the roast potatoes very tasty but unfortunately the veg had been smothered in a quite heavy gravy which spoilt them a little. Pudding was an apple & cinamon pie with custard. The pie was really nice but the chef definitely needs lessons in making custard, it looked more like scrambled egg. The final bit was coffee and brandy, all for 33 TL which at the current exchange rate makes it around £9.00 per head, not bad for that price.

We had not been home very long, when Mark & Maggie Treadwell turned up on the doorstep. They have been over a couple of times, staying at Omac's villa and we did not know they were coming ovcer this time. Apparantly it was a spur of the moment decision, cheap flights and a cheap week's B&B at The Sempati hotel. They are highly critical of the hotel, but if they had called me I could have warned them in advance, anyway they say if they get a clean room, hot water for the morning shower they can get a cheap breakfast at the likes of The Deli Cafe because you would not want too much of the Sempati breakfast. We had a grand late afternoon just talking over a glass of wine and arranged to meet up on Tuesday evening for a meal.

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