A Saturday newspaper once again for me to see what is being said here in TRNC. Main headline is "High-Rise may be fire death trap". Not before time has somebody realised that greedy developers have been happily building 10 storey apartment blocks and hotels without any consideration for what might happen in the event of the sort of fire that has occured for example in Dubai.  The main article starts off :_

Mushrooming high-rise buildings are a disaster waiting to happen because of inadequate fire regulations and a lack of vital emergency equipment. Building, local authority and fire service chiefs agree that many lives could be put at risk unless the shortcoming is tackled. They demand urgent action to prevent a "Towering Inferno" scenario.

There are only two 42 and 52 metre ladders in the country and if a fire occured in one of Girne's high-rise apartments it could take 20 - 30 minutes for a ladder to arrive from Lefkosa. This could prove fatal for those trapped. Questions are being asked at last about adequate safety features and adequate safety equipment being available should a major disaster happen. How many times, in this country, have we seen automatic closing doors being propped open with wedges, where are the automatic sprinkler systems and are new builds being properly checked at stages during construction. 

The abortion scandal is still going on in court. This long running, late abortions case is set to be a possible murder case as they are now trying to prove that at least one feotus had been buried after the baby had drawn breath. The whole thing is set to become a major acandal and not be resolved for some time to come. One can only assume that some of the late abortions where done only or money.

Still they talk about reconciliation of the North and the South. There are still at least two major issues on which the leaders cannot agree. The first is the issue of guarantees, Turkish Cypriots have for years lived with the guarantee of the Turkish army presence here and do not want to lose that backup. The Greek Cypriots say the Turkish Army must vacate the island within days of an agreement being reached. The Turkish Cypriots have lived through that scenario on previous occasions so are digging their heels in about the issue. The other major item yet to be resolved is that of territory. The Greek Cypriots want most of the island for themselves and nothing has changed there, so how are they going to resolve that one. Talking to some Turkish Cypriot friends who have been born here and lived through the 60s and 70s, they say the President Akinci is living in a dream world if he thinks that the Greek Cypriots will give ground on any issues except those where they demand total control.


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