Well here goes with the new website and hopefully I will be able to maintain it as it used to be. For the last two weeks we have had Kitty and her daughter Malou here from Holland and yesterday evening we took them back to Larnaca for their 9 o'clock in the evening flight. Both Joan and I hope that they enjoyed there time here and we did our best to entertain them and show them around some parts of the TRNC. No doubt we will hear from them, via Skype, in the next couple of days which will be a possible indication of their enjoyment. Joan and I also learnt that a 16 year old girl can be difficult at times so you are never quite sure if she is happy or not. What is very obvious, at that age the lack of personal friends and people of her own age is obvious at least she had her I-pad with her so was able to constantly keep in touch with her friends back home.

The 7th of May is of course a Saturday so we can look forward to the weekly news in Cyprus Today. According to the headline news Conservationists are outraged after a bulldozer was used to clean Karsiyakas beach in preparation for the summer season, destroying it's eco-system and natural vegetation just as the turtle nesting season is about to start. Now that's all very well, but what about all the beer bottles, drinks cans, plastic bags etc that the locals just throw down without consideration. Seems to me a bit like the pot calling the kettle clack.

Asil Nadir is back with us on the island. He returned to his office at the media company he owns, Kibris Media Group, to be grreted by all the staff.  We have no idea what he is likey to get involved in, only time will tell.

Saint Hilarion Castle is being left in the dark. Rumours abound about unpaid bills, but the department responsible say they are just being responsible. The Kibtek electric authority confirm that threre are no historic debts, although it does appear that a historical total governmental bill of 70 - 75 million TL remains to be sorted out.

The Chamber of Commerce is supposed to become the driving force in preparing TCs for EU but on the same page, Serdar Denktas, the Deputy Prime Minister, says the Economy is not ready for a solution. One thing is certain if this lot join the EU, Joan and I will probably be looking for a bolt hole. So come on folks, vote Brexit next month.

Interesting discussion in the UK house last week. The Prime Minister has said Turkish membership of the EU is not on the cards for many years, that is not least because there would have to be a Cyprus settlement and that is not likely in the lifetime of this Parliament or the next, and possibly not in the one after that. Maybe he is not revealing a greater truth, the negotiations are going nowhere.

Finally. What about the latest Liverpool scoreline, now just the final to watch and then the silver to polish. A friend who always was a joker said to me that it would be West Hams turn next year.

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