We had a very early. 7 am breakfast at the same beach pub that we were in yesterday, then having paid our bill we were on the road before 9 am. We knew it was going to be a long drive to get to Franschoek, which is where Judith and Gustav live. We had pre-booked a B & B there 2 weeks ago when we were doing the wine tasting, so just had to find the place again. We had WhatsApp messages from Judith suggesting that we meet at The French Connection restaurant at 7 pm. Sounds good to us.

What we hadn't quite reckoned on was that, with a stop for around 30 minutes, it would take us 6 hours to do the whole journey. Poor Joan, as she is still doing sterling work behind the wheel. We knew we were someplace near but had not seen a signpost on the N2 which would send us off to either Stellenbosch or Franschoek. At some traffic lights, Joan stalled the car and couldn't restart because she had forgotten that you need to put the clutch in. Anyway she had just got it going when a police car pulled in alongside us on the left. I put the window down, said sorry but we had stalled and by the way could you tell us how to get to either Steelenbosch or Franschoek, the guy in the passenger seat said, follow us. They then put all their blue lights on and escorted us off the main road, through some traffic lights turning right then drove on for about 1 mile before signalling that we should just keep going, both police people waved frantically as they turne right again back down to the N2. Nice to get a police escort.

We then, having driven through Stellenbosch, found ourselves in Franschoek, found the B & B that we had booked only to find that the guy had us in for Sunday night. Anyway he got on the phone and spoke to the owner of La Fontaine and secured us a room there at the same price. This place is in fact a rambling Victorian house run by two ladies and we found ourselves in a separate Victorian cottage in the grounds. beautiful and comfortable and only 2 minutes walk to the High Street.

La Fontaine Franschoek

Joan had enough driving for today so we opted to go for a walk and as we were in the biggest wine region of South Africa we looked for a place to partake of something nice. We found a little bistro type place on the High Street enjoyed a glass of cold white each and then went window shopping. I say window shopping because Judith had warned us that this was one of the most expensive areas around. We did however find an "Out of Africa" shop that sold all sorts of stuff and in there I found a lovely walking stick, with a shiny (looks like silver) handle shaped like an elephants head, just what i need these days as the walking is not as good as it was. Cost 500 rand (£29.60). We then spotted The French Connection for tonight and down an alleyway behind a pub, so guess where we spent the next hour.

We met Judith and Gustav at 7 pm as arranged in the restaurant. A really lovely place, had a grand evening together and some lovely food. They are great company and we hope that they will come over to see us in 18 months, which will be their 5th anniversary and coincide with my 80th. Sounds like an excuse for a party.

French Connection

Those two walked us back to our B & B, I think Gustav was being nosey as we had a seperate way in to the grounds so he could get a look at our cottage. Anyway it was time to say goodbye, hopefully only until the next time.


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