As you might have guessed, when our 5.45 am call came this morning, we said thank you but no thanks and turned over to go to sleep again, so Joan and I had a late breakfast, around 10.30 then a lazy lie in the sun until the afternoon ride out. We learnt from Daniel and others who did make it this morning, that the rangers had seen a pack of 3 spotted Hyena's in the area at the end of the walkways and they guessed that the Leopard from last night could sense this and thought 3 against 1 is not a fair fight, so he went into hiding. Daniel thought that if he had not been disturbed he might have stayed underneath the floor area of the restaurant for most of the night. On this afternoon's ride out we saw much of the old gang of Elephants, Rhinos, a quick glimpse of the female white lion and then finally a Hippo that was not completely underwater, with just the top of his head and eyes showing. They are huge animals and apart from being dangerous they can apparently move all that bulk over land at speeds up to 40k.

10th October 2016 1

Daniel was telling us that they don't actually swim to get, for example, across the lake, but walk across the bottom as they can hold their breath for a very long time. They apparently come out of the water to graze at night time and can roam for considerable distances to seek out the best grazing.

Once again we had a bit of a lean time on the ride out and as usual covered quite large distances over the long rough trails. This sort of pic gives you some idea of just how large this Reserve is.

10th October 2016 2

After the couple of windy days we have had, tonights sunset made a stunning picture for our evening drink on the range, so to speak. One of the things that can be done on this Reserve is to issue an invitation to your Ranger to dine with you one evening. We had spent must of the week with Malcolm and Anne Sharpe, they were good company and so the four of us decided to invite Daniel to join us this evening. Very pleasant it was too, we all had a liesurely meal and enjoyed the conversation as well as the food. A great idea from the Pumba Reserve and hopefully many will treat their Rangers to an evening.

10th October 2016 8

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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