Yesterday Joan left me for the day to go with some of her friends to the Acapulco Hotel for a Spar Day. This included a full body massage, lunch, swim in the indoor pool and a lounge around on the beach for a little while. When she got home at around 4 pm it was time for a quick cup of coffee and then off to have her nails done before the holiday. Nice relaxing day for me but had to cook my own dinner in the evening.

At lunch time today, Joan and I met up with Sandy, her son Christopher, his wife Christina and baby daughter Isobel. We had agreed on the Wild Duck for lunch as this meant that Isobel could do all the things she enjoyed. Feed the ducks, swing on the swings, slide down the kiddy slides and paddle her feet in the water. The occasion, well next Sunday it is Sandy's birthday and we were of course invited but will be eating out in Cape Town that evening so couldn't make it. It was a great opportunity to meet Isobel for really the first time, as we have known this whole family since we came over first in 2002. In those days, Sandy's husband John was alive and a good pal of mine and frequent attendee at "Boy's Night Out" every week, sadly these nights are no more, two of the boys have gone back to UK, three have since died and having a Boy's Night on my own is not so clever.

I remember on one occasion the girls all decided to go off to some fancy Fashion Show, so the boy's said OK we will have our own night. Sausage, mash and beans washed down with lots of Gold Fassel beer. A great night, if I recall it well.


April 23rd 008

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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