We made a decision to go over South to seek out a gas BBQ for ourselves. Big mistake really as we were held up for more than 1 hour at the border. We should have realised of course that all the civil servants and bank workers were on a long Bayram holiday so lots of them were also going South. Anyway it mattered not as we eventually made it across the border, went to the big Leroy Merlin DIY store, but they only had some quite expensive BBQs, obviously not end of season clear out time yet.

We had seen one last week in the Superhome store, discounted by 30 Euros so went back for that one at 119.90 Euros, a good buy and it will do us just super. Before we left, I got a phone call from Dr Levent who says he has booked time at The Near East Hospital for next Wednesday at 3 pm. He hopes to be able to bring it forward to Monday at the same time and will call us Saturday to confirm, that would be nice as it gives me almost a full 2 weeks to recover before we leave for Cape Town.

We got home without any major border hold ups and did ourselves an Indonesion Bami Goreng meal, which we both enjoy very much.l 

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“North Cyprus – Once upon a time we had this dream of a deep blue sea and lazy days in the sun”

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